Located on the far edge of the relatively small Black Sea, Georgia is not best known for its seafood, with the native river fish (kalmakhi, for example) the best they could offer prior to the recent food revolution in the capital,...

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Sushi is as much a hit in urban Georgia as anywhere else in the developed world. Check out the Where.ge team's top choices for mouthwatering Japanese goodness!


Sushi is a favorite with many. Whether you’re a vet...

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It’s always nice to try the local food of the country you’re visiting, but it can be just as nice to discover your home cuisine while away. With that in mind, this article will be of interest to our Vietnamese guests visiting Geor...

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Most people vacate the capital in summer and head west to the Black Sea resorts. Adjara, and its capital Batumi, is the most popular destination, offering both wild mountain nature and a full selection of entertainment. Check out ...

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Last week, the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) announced a new strategy for increasing the number of tourists visiting Georgia to experience the country’s food and wine. Gastronomic tourism, they say, has enormous ...

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The Washington Post has dedicated an article to Georgia’s spicy condiment adjika, saying it brings fire to the table called Supra in the small country, not state, of Georgia.

“Unfortunately, unless you travel to Georgia — speci...

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Cheese is the spotlight in the city of Tbilisi, hosting an annual Georgian cheese festival. This year, on 22 July the festival will be held in Mtatsminda Park with large companies and farmers participating. Visitors will be able t...

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The peach harvest has begun in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region, and while you'll be able this juicy organic fruit at any open market in the capital now- you can't beat driving east to directly buy a bucket of freshly picked produ...

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To launch the summer issue of Where.ge, the team and around 100 specially invited guests took to the beautiful new Old Tbilisi restaurant of Meama, just up the hill from Meidan Square and set on three cozy but spaciously designed ...

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While the first dish that comes to mind from this western Georgia region will most likely be the common-buy-it-on-every-street-corner Imeruli khachapuri, there are many, many other dishes from the region to try, most of which are ...

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If you grew up in an urban or suburban environment in a high-income country, like me, you are probably used to having most fruits and vegetables available in the supermarket year-round and recognizing most of what you see in the a...

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Fancy something kooky or different this lunch or dinner time? Try any of the restaurants below. Be it the décor or the menu, they are guaranteed to offer a lively and inspiring experience.


Located in a truly charm...

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