Popular food website Eater.com has published an article on the best restaurants in Tbilisi on 13 December.

Titled ‘The 18 Essential Restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia’ the article features popular restaurants such as Keto and Kote...

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The Observer’s Killian Fox has shared his experience of a two-week stay in Georgia.

In an article named “Georgia on my plate: a culinary journey in the Caucasus”, Fox describes a tour from Kutaisi – capital of the medieval King...

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Got a sweet tooth? Then check out our top choice eateries for something gooey, creamy, sweet and delicious!


Nestled on a quiet and charming street, find yourself in eclair paradise! With cozy surro...

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Neli Melitauri, Head of Marketing and Sales Department at Hotel Dreamland Oasis, let us in on a little secret- her favorite places to go for a bite to eat in Georgia. From Adjara to Kakheti, to the capital of the country itself, N...

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Enzo Neri, Chef at Andropov’s Ears, Radisson Group, featured in Where.ge magazine as a Where to Eat guest speaker. Check out his top dining choices below!

"I came to Georgia in 2015 for a food event in Kakheti. Just three years...

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For those who wander the supermarkets and bazaars in Georgia, cheese may appear uninspiring and limited in style and taste, but thanks to a recent initiative to bring back and promote ancient cheese-making methods, new-old cheese ...

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Nestled in the heart of Lausanne on Lake Geneva, the very first Georgian restaurant Pre-Fleuri has been opened in Switzerland by Tereza Haveri. Tereza Haveri was born in Tbilisi but had to leave the country 20 years ago to start a...

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What makes Georgian cuisine so special is the abundance of unique spices and herbs that add their particular note to the taste of national dishes. It’s a well-known fact that once you try a traditional Georgian dish, you will neve...

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Exclusive Interview

Last Friday, guests were invited to Stamba Hotel to celebrate the opening of the Tbilisi branch of the famous and much-loved Lily Vanilli café. Surrounded by the sweet fruity and chocolaty creations of found...

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Located on the far edge of the relatively small Black Sea, Georgia is not best known for its seafood, with the native river fish (kalmakhi, for example) the best they could offer prior to the recent food revolution in the capital,...

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Sushi is as much a hit in urban Georgia as anywhere else in the developed world. Check out the Where.ge team's top choices for mouthwatering Japanese goodness!


Sushi is a favorite with many. Whether you’re a vet...

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It’s always nice to try the local food of the country you’re visiting, but it can be just as nice to discover your home cuisine while away. With that in mind, this article will be of interest to our Vietnamese guests visiting Geor...

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