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It’s a great pleasure to share my journey in the Georgian ‘Art world’, which began 5 years ago when we kicked off the first art auction company in Georgia. This aimed not only at promoting Georgian art an...

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Travel, discovering new places and enjoying new adventures makes everyone happy and leads to our lives becoming more “colorful” and exciting. At the same time, almost everyone loves surprises and gifts, so the combination of the a...

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WE’AR ART is a copyrighted brand/slogan with a unique philosophy: to create awareness of fashion and art. Since 2018, the WE’AR ART collection has only worked for one common ‘good’: raising funds through charity events and sponsor...

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On July 4-5 Tbilisi Mall celebrates American Independence Day. 

Cooperating with ARTTENT Gallery, a group exhibition of Georgian artists and sculptors 'We Must Be Free' will be organized in the central hall of Tbilisi Mall, a s...

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The NGO 'Megrelian Language Association', which aims to preserve its local language, culture and traditions, has released the first Megrelian-language magazine, 'Sqani' ('Yours') and it is already on sale. 

The word 'Sqani' is ...

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Since April 1991, when Georgia regained her independence, the nation has been attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors. At first, not too many facilities existed to welcome tourists, though now, in most parts of the countr...

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The spotlight on Georgia is growing by the year, not least thanks to the authors below, who works have been translated in to English, bringing Georgia out into the world, and giving the curious world something new to explore!


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George Zhorzholiani, Marketing Director INN GROUP Hotels, let's us in on his shopping secrets.


A place for foreign tourists and locals alike, those who are interested in travel and the history of wine. Discover...

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Unlike homes in the north, Georgians prefer tiles and laminate flooring over wall-to-wall carpet. Underfloor heating is new, and until that came along Georgians, like the rest of the world, relied on carpets (rugs) to keep their f...

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There are a surprising number of books about or based in Georgia, printed in English and other languages: some for hikers, some for history-lovers, some for aspiring politicians, some for those who love to experiment in the kitche...

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Lena Kevkhishvili, Owner & Managing Director of the Autograph Georgia, reveals her top tips for shopping.


When Georgia comes to your mind, chocolate is not the first thing you think of. This i...

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While you must be excited for what the new year will bring, you need to be getting ready for the end of 2019. That obviously includes buying presents for your loved ones. So where should y...

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