Georgians are well-known as a nation of meat-lovers- from barbecue pork to kebabs. Whether you're new to the city or have spent quite a time here, you may not realize just how much it has to offer in terms of modern eateries that ...

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Pam Kemsley-Dugladze, Director of Education & Training International

Hummus Bar- A quiet but cozy place right in the center of Tbilisi (just off Republic Square). In my book, the best hummus in Tbilisi, coupled with delicious s...

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By Nino Gugunishvili

Though relatively young as a brand, Pâtisserie Le Gâteau, founded in 2012, quickly became popular among locals for its cakes, pies, pastry, sandwiches, and own-baked low calory bread. Celebrating this succe...

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Nobody would think that Peking Duck could be as popular in Georgia as khinkali (Georgian dumplings), but it seems Chinese cuisine has entered Georgia without a problem and mystical-looking restaurants with dragon paintings have be...

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Petter Svaetichin, CEO JSC MGeorgia


Slightly expensive but a joy for the culinary heart. Great menu with Georgian ingredients in a European style. Haute cuisine.


A high class experie...

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By Tim Ogden

In recent years, Georgia’s social culture has undergone changes that have altered the face of Tbilisi itself. Today, the city is widely renowned for its quasi-Bohemian culture, and as food is such a quintessential ...

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Vanja Desmonde,General Manager Of Crowne Plaza Borjomi


I am in love with bread and the French know how to make it tasty and delicious. The food’s great...

I don’t have a sweet tooth but the Raspb...

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12 Top Eateries from Rose’s The Brave Dame blog.


Food is the way to experience a country, especially when in Georgia! Georgians take their food seriously and so should we! In this Tbilisi food guide, you’ll find great rest...

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The biggest choice for fresh produce- brought straight from the regions to the capital - can be found at the Station Market, which is semi-open air and much cleaner than it was five years ago, though far from European hygiene stan...

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Paris Je t’aime is a french cuisine and wine tasting masterclass to be held on November 24 at Culinarium Cooking School (1/17 Lermontov Street, Tbilisi), led by Georgian Chef Giorgi Sarajishvili. The event is being organized toget...

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Barbeque, or to be more specific, the Georgian version of it Mtsvadi, is one of the staples of famed Georgian cuisine, alongside Khachapuri and Khinkali. So it was only a matter of time until somebody put two and two together and ...

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October and November usually offer some nice autumnal weather. Take advantage of the last of the year’s warmth and head out of the city to one of the nearby Georgian restaurants.

Machakhela, Okrokana

We recommend Machakhela ...

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