One of the best features of Tbilisi is the Mtkvari River that runs through its center. On a hot summer day, walking near the greenish brown water can be refreshing as you catch a slight breeze, and in the colder months, t...

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Where better to escape the heat with a wine or iced coffee than a shady terrace hidden in the depths of a blooming garden or on a roof overlooking the city? Check out our top choices of cafes with terraces and make your next lunch...

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Tbilisi in the summer is hot. While many locals like to escape the city in July and August into the surrounding mountains or flock to the Black Sea beaches, for those who stay in Tbilisi, temperatures can soar into the hi...

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By Amy Jones

Dingy taverns with animal skins hanging on the wall and restaurants with dilapidated interiors are firmly becoming a thing of the past in Tbilisi. Over the past years, a new string of restaurants has opened with st...

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Puri Guliani is the first unique concept Georgian Sakhabazo (bakery) to appear on the Georgian market: a new, and interesting gastronomic space.

A heart-warming space for any gathering, Puri Guliani is a distinct food...

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Gastronomy and tourism are very closely linked and having good gastronomic traditions, something which Georgia can clearly boast, plays a significant role in tourism development. Now, through the Gault&Millau Georgia guide, the wo...

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Georgia: Your glass will be kept full of the best wine (indeed, Georgia has an 8000-year-old winemaking history!) and your plate loaded with a West-meets-East blend of cheeses, spices, herbs, meat and delicious organic vegetables ...

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Nina Pertenava, PR Specialist, sat down with the Where.ge team to reveal her top spots for taking guests in search of a special tasty treat.


Passersby near 10 Abashidze Street always notice the terrace d...

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Europe’s highest village, about 2200 m above sea level, has come quite a long way since I lived there for the winters of 2007-9 teaching English, when there was hardly any public café, bar or restaurant available at all, even in s...

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The world’s most unique dining experience, now available in Georgia!

What is ‘Dinner in the Sky’? It is a Belgian success story in the skies of more than 70 countries with more than 12 years’ experience. A flying dinne...

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There are Georgian dishes we love, but somehow, we serve them only on celebrations or on special events! It is time to break the stereotypes! That is exactly what g.Vino is doing by offering Chef Tamta’s special dishes on the 23rd...

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g.Vino restaurant is beginning an ongoing gastronomical journey of culinary experiments in a series of events called Chef's Specials. These promise to surprise you with their very original and creative dishes that will be paired w...

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