One of the best features of Tbilisi is the Mtkvari River that runs through its center. On a hot summer day, walking near the greenish brown water can be refreshing as you catch a slight breeze, and in the colder months, the rushing, splashing current is dramatic and romantic. Any time of year, restaurants on the riverbank are popular. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite places in and near Tbilisi to eat with a water view, from family restaurants to banquet halls to bars!


Chops by the River is a great restaurant and grill located in Tskneti, just 10 minutes from the Tbilisi city center. They feature an exceptional ambiance – you can relax inside near a cozy fireplace or on outdoor terraces with spectacular river views. Varieties of meats and fish are prepared on a classic American-style grill. From the restaurant’s own fisheries, they offer several fish dishes prepared with Alaskan silver salmon, along with excellent steaks, fillets, sushi, and more! There is really something for everyone.

Sukhishvili Str 1, Tskneti, Tbilisi
(+995) 514 07 50 00
1 PM – 1 AM


This popular restaurant is located in Tbilisi’s Dighomi district. A bit of a drive from the center, but definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for top quality food, service, atmosphere, and a show!

Ethno-Tsiskvili (tsiskvili means 'mill' in Georgian) straddles the line between restaurant and theme park. On a road lined with other large, theatrically themed restaurants, this place does it right. The grounds are decorated like a country palace, complete with an organ grinder, bread oven, and open barbeque kitchen. The restaurant’s namesake is the functioning water mill on the tiny waterfall that runs into the Mtkvari River. On warm summer nights, you can enjoy riverside dining.

Their nightly show includes traditional Georgian music and masterful dancing from all the country’s regions. If you want to see the show, making a reservation in advance is probably a good idea as not all seating in the large restaurant has a view.

The clientele is generally a mix of tourists and locals celebrating a special event or entertaining guests. Pricey and formal (dress code – no tennis shoes, no athletic clothes), Ethno Tsiskvili is not a place to casually drop by, but if you are looking to take a bite of Georgia and tickle all your senses, we highly recommend it.

Beliashvili Street, Tbilisi
(+995) 322 005 555
12 PM until the last guest leaves (kitchen closes at 1 AM)


Babilo is another one of the massive Dighomi theatrical restaurants, but the food is good, the service is attentive, and the river views from the outdoor terrace are absolutely worth the trek. They often have events, live music, and DJs. Their cocktail menu is interesting, and whether you’re in the mood for some traditional Georgian fare or something hot off the grill, you’ll come away satisfied. In the wintertime, there are even heaters on the terrace for a cozy, relaxing experience all year round.

73 Beliashvili St., Tbilisi
(+995) 514 44 44 34
10 AM – 1 AM


Bagineti is a charming restaurant on the Mtkvari River in Mtskheta, about 20 minutes north of Tbilisi. It blends tradition with modern elements – black metal and large glass windows brush up against traditional fabrics and architectural details. From the outdoor terrace on the lower level, diners can enjoy exceptional Georgian food while the river currents lap at the edge of the deck. Kayakers and boaters sometimes mosey past during the warm weather months. The upstairs hall is available for events of up to about 130 people. Smaller groups can hold events in the hunting lodge-style banquet hall on the lower level. After dinner, take a stroll in the small city park that neighbors the restaurant!

Mtskheta Highway
(+995) 555 31 863


Night life in Tbilisi has many forms, and if you’re looking for a beautiful spot with a massive range of music to dance to or just relax with, Tivi is a good option!

Tivi is located practically on the Mtkvari River, and offers more than one type of atmosphere. Come early enough in the night to enjoy the view on the river while chowing on some of the best pizza in the city. On weekends, you can dance the night away, or maybe just relax in one of the multiple hammocks they have hanging around!

Find Tivi on the left bank of the Mtkvari, near the foot of Metekhi Bridge

(+995) 577 96 04 99
9 PM – 6 AM