Lela Grzybowska, PR and Communications Manager at La Boheme

I moved to Tbilisi three years ago. My mother is Georgian and my father English, so I was always in Tbilisi during the summer holidays, and it was really nice to come ...

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Well, let’s be honest. Georgia is a fantastic country, but for traveling across this picturesque and mountainous Caucasian region one needs to have nerves of steel. Motoring out of Tbilisi is a smooth ride, with cars usually stick...

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The first thought crossing one's mind when entering food places foreign to the local cuisine is the excitement at the impending chance to please the taste buds with an alternative spice and produce conglomeration, but the second t...

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Though they will be shut on Good Friday, on Saturday and Sunday (April 7-8), Barbarestan will be offering a unique pasca cake and traditional Georgian fare. Any excuse to spend time in this delightful restaurant is a good excuse! ...

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While there is more to Adjarian cuisine than their khachapuri, no food-list is complete without it. Served with fresh egg and a generous serving of butter on top, this is a one of a kind cheese boat that is fabulously tasty if coo...

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Though the Western Easter has passed, you'll be noticing the plates of grass, boxes of brownish-pink roots and cellophane-wrapped sponge cakes in every supermarket and cafe around town. It's Georgian Orthodox Easter!

Red eggs

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We at Where.ge can eat endless khinkali and kachapuri (indeed, we’ve tried to break records several times!) but the moment comes in most ex-pat’s life when some good ol’ familiar grub is called for. Check out our best pizza joints...

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The 4th edition of Goût de/ Good France took place on March 21. A global event organized on the initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs with Chef Alain Ducasse, Goût de France is a unique culinary festival that ta...

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The foodie revolution in Tbilisi started in 2011, when young Georgian chef Meriko Gubeladze opened her fusion restaurant Shavi Lomi.

“We wanted our restaurant to be original: Georgian cuisin...

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Georgia is a country that you cannot say you’ve truly experienced until you’ve tried its food – be it Khinkali, Khachapuri, Churchkela, or all of them, the food adds another dimension to your memories. The country’s most popular d...

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Good news for non-smokers (and an annoyance to those who partake) is that Georgia is well on the way to becoming a no-smoking zone. Most new cafes, restaurants and public buildings (and even some old) either have a no-smoking poli...

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by Máté Földi

Last summer, deep in the mountains of Tusheti, I had a bite of heaven. Laboring to the top of a hill 400 meters above the village of Danklo, we were greeted by a scene quite commonplace in this enchante...

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