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Food is the way to experience a country, especially when in Georgia! Georgians take their food seriously and so should we! In this Tbilisi food guide, you’ll find great restaurants to stuff your face with the delicious Georgian cuisine as well as cute bars and cafés to sit down and relax in. 

A Georgian meal comes with bread. Period. Eating Georgian cuisine only can be a bit rough on the stomach when you’re not used to eating so many carbs, frequently topped with piles of cheese. We love a great food coma so we went all for it!

Locals warned me: “You can eat Georgian food for 3-4 days tops, then you’ll crave something lighter.” Lucky for us, Tbilisi is packed with Western restaurants as well. I must admit that the charm of Georgian food didn’t really wear out on me, I kept craving it more and more.

Could that be because there are so many dishes to love? We often lost ourselves in savory ochakhuri, a pork (or chicken) and baked potato stew, served with a peasant salad drenched in baje or walnut sauce. We loved the well-seasoned Georgian kebab, wrapped in paper-thin bread and served with loads of cilantro. Come to think of it, there isn’t anything I’ve tasted that I wouldn’t order again.

Georgian portions are usually large and people love to share different dishes with each other. Make sure you order an appropriate amount of wine with every meal as Georgia is one of the oldest wine countries in the world.

Below you’ll find a list of restaurants (Georgian and Western) where you can taste for yourself. Remember, you haven’t been to Georgia if you don’t gain at least 3 kgs!

Burger House

For a modern, inexpensive bite go to Burger House, a cute little fast food restaurant in central Tbilisi. The menu is simple, yet delicious. The French fries with herbs and the milkshake were absolute favorites!

Vertskhli Street

Schuchmann Wine Bar

Hidden in the cellar of a 300-year-old caravanserai, you’ll find the Schuchmann wine bar, an upscale but friendly restaurant serving only the best. This is the place for tasting wines from the famous Schuchmann winery and to enjoy their eclectic menu, as Schuchmann serves Georgian food with a twist. Do try the lamb kebab and chocolate lava cake!

Sioni Street 8

Famous & PurPur

Famous is a restaurant that could potentially turn out to be a karaoke bar, depending on which other guests you end up with. The place serves Georgian food with a modern twist as well as central European food. We loved that the restaurant has a living-room ambience combined with a great music selection. Full? Try PurPur upstairs!

Abo Tbileli Street 1

Organique Josper Bar

Guests only get the best and tastiest food at Organique. The restaurant is located in the city center and serves as an ideal spot to hang out for dinner. Do try the bruschetta – it’s enough to share between two people – and always go for a chef’s special!

Bambis Rigi Street 12


Usually, restaurants with a special location are known to serve crappy food. Not Funicular, on top of Mtatsminda. This place serves amazing, fresh khinkali – large dumplings filled with meat, cheese or vegetables and broth – with a spectacular view over Tbilisi. In the evening, you can move up to the top floor to lounge away.

Mtatsminda Plateau


KGB is located in the touristy Erekle II Street. Don’t let it fool you, this place (as well as Kala next door) serves great food and is an ideal hang out spot during those long summer evenings. Often guests are entertained with live jazz music.

Erekle II Street 8-10


Another great place on Erekle II Street is G.Vino. Here, patient staff teaches you the difference between European style wine and the tasty Georgian Qvevri wine. Their cheese platters are to die for as well!

Erekle II Street 6

Huggo Bar

At first, I came here for the excellent – and very garlicky – bruschetta (do we notice a theme here?) but soon I felt like smoking some hookah as well. At Huggo, you can relax on the terrace or on the comfy sofas inside while playing backgammon, Georgia’s number one game.

Galaktion Tabidze Street 3-5

Moulin Electrique

Meeting Georgian hipsters has never been this easy! Moulin Electrique, hidden behind the synagogue, is more of a bar than a restaurant but you can still get some decent food here. At night this place is packed with the hipster youth of Tbilisi, who ended up to be a very joyful bunch of people.

Kote Afkhazi Street 28


Grilisi is a cozy place located on a tiny platform at the Narikala Fortress. When you’re done hopping around the fortress, sit down here for some lovely, homemade lemonade or something from the BBQ menu.

Sololaki Ridge, right side

Factory 27

When relaxing at Factory 27, you get the feeling you somehow ended up in Berlin. We loved their juicy burgers and homemade nachos with different dips as well as their refreshing, homemade lemonade. The bright graffiti wall and relaxing music are just a big plus.

Mikheil Zandukeli Street 27

Metro Pub

Metro is the place for German and Georgian beer and a tasty Mtsvadi (BBQ) dish! We loved hanging out on their terrace to watch sports and chat. In the early afternoon, this was usually the place for us to have some sort of – Khachapuri boat – lunch, as almost no place in Tbilisi opens before 10 am.

Erekle II Street

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