A Bar Hiding Behind a Small Mosaic

Nestled between the small streets next to Rustaveli, other bars and restaurants share the area with a hidden, but lively hangout place. The easiest thing is probably to find is its street, as Google Maps and the public transport system work together to ease the trip. However, once turning into Vashlovani Street, the bar is rather difficult to find as only a small mosaic next to its entrance indicates its exact location. Young people line the streets, but many head to Pipes, a delicious burger place we wrote about in one of our other pieces, or have a lookout for gay hangout Success Bar

To find the bar, famously called Mozaika, head past the entrance to Pipes and enter a little brown door welcoming the guests. Right next to the door, the small mosaic is merely visible as it is only dimly lit up by colorful garland LED lights. The rustic and raunchy staircase behind the door leads right up to the main entrance.

When I first walked up to the first floor, I was convinced I was in the wrong place, as no sound nor people could be heard or seen. Yet, opening the door to the left, I found a place filled with youngsters perfectly symbolizing the music-loving youth scene of Tbilisi. Hipsters fill the small space, literally occupying every square inch possible, including the two small balconies adjacent to the bar area. Music burst into my ears, making me wonder how I couldn't have heard it when walking up the staircase.

Up a second stairway inside the bar, one can access a more relaxed and tranquil space reserved for deep conversation and the consumption of one or two dishes. Lovers of Georgian cuisine won’t find khachapuri but rather nationalized versions of Western dishes, such as spicy French fries.

Mozaika is a place for mingling and relaxation, or even for chewing the fat of political matters, whilst listening to the latest creations of Georgia’s underground music scene.


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8 Vashlovani Str. 8, Tbilisi