The Best of the Caucasus Mountains

The seven imposing teeth of the peaks of the Chaukhi Pass tower above you as you ascend to the summit. At 3431 meters high, the Chaukhi Pass is not for the faint-hearted. However, those who brave the gradual ascent are rewarded with breathtaking views of layers upon layers of rocky Caucasus mountains and the white tip of Mount Kazbeg.

The path over the Chaukhi Pass is well marked and well trodden. It is best to start in the village of Juta, a 30-minute drive from Kazbegi. You can take a shuttle bus for 30 Lari return, or a private taxi for around 50 Lari. It is possible to hike over the pass to Roshka, another village around 20 kilometers away. However, be aware that the path leading down the other side of the path is more difficult to navigate, especially in bad weather. It does, however, lead past the Abudelauri Lakes, three beautiful alpine lakes that are green, blue, and white.

Photo: Amy Jones

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