The Magic of the Abudelauri Lakes

The magical Abudelauri Lakes have bewitched visitors for centuries. Said to be home of Khevsuretian Gods, the three alpine lakes are nestled at the foot of the Chaukhi Massif, 2500m high in the East of the Caucasus Mountains. The magic of these three lakes is the color: one is blue, one is white, one is green.

The easiest way to reach the lakes is via Roshka village (around 45-minute drive from Stepansminda). From there, you can hike 6 - 7km to the first two lakes and continue for half an hour to reach the white lake. Alternatively, more ambitious hikers can begin in Juta and hike over the Chaukhi pass. Expect this to take you at least 8 hours depending on your level of fitness. It is recommended to visit the lakes between April - beginning of October. Expect there to be heavy snowfall if you visit during winter.

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