The Black Sea Arena, the largest concert arena in Georgia, located on Black Sea coast in the region of Guria and launched in 2016, has seen Christina Aguilera, Vanesa Mae, as well as legendary Ennio Morricone among the performers there.

This year, the Black Sea Arena is to offer yet another unforgettable summer season to both Georgians and a great number of foreign travelers. Jessie J, the world-renown British singer, who has sold 3 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide, will come to Georgia and take to the stage of Black Sea Arena on August 6.

Jessie J introduced herself to the world with her debut album ‘Who You Are’ and won the famous BRIT Awards. The album included recordings such as: Price Tag, Domino and Laselight, which greatly contributed to the development of her career as a performer.

Since then, Jessie J has released a number of songs which have been on the lists of top hits worldwide for months. After presenting the album ‘Sweet Talker’ in 2014, the singer decided to make a several-year break in her career. It was only after meeting the producer DJ Capmer, that Jessie J restarted back on her creative path and released her 5th album R.O.S.E., which became the symbol of the new stage of the singer's career.

In 2019, Jessie J is continuing the world tour and offers her devoted listeners the latest, as well as already well-established, hits. Live performances of Jessie J are nothing short of spectacular and the concert at the Black Sea Arena is to be no exception: a real celebration for music-enthusiasts and Jessie J fans.

The tickets for the concert will be available from May 8, at 8 PM on the websites - &


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya