On the banks of the calm and peaceful Turtle Lake, above Vake in Tbilisi, visitors can find a tasty meal and drinks in the sunshine at Uptown Space. 

Open from 10 AM, Uptown Space is a place you can enjoy throughout the day: from your morning cappuccino to mid-afternoon snack, to early evening glass of wine, and evening dinner. Their outside terrace is located directly beside the waters of the lake, creating a relaxing place to spend time with friends and family.

Uptown Space offers a huge selection of alcoholic drinks is especially well-known for the selection of whiskey and cocktails. Whether you prefer a mojito, pina colada, Jack Daniel’s on the rocks, or Glenfiddich, you will find it here. To accompany your favorite drinks, Uptown Space also serves a range of Georgian and European dishes. If you are heading to Turtle Lake this summer, don’t forget to stop by Uptown Space.

Additional Info


Kus Tba St., Tbilisi


+995 557 01 10 15


10 AM - 12 AM