Unveiling the Secrets of Qvevri – A Culinary Journey in Tbilisi, Georgia

The idea of opening "Qvevri" comes from wine culture. The restaurant serves hundreds of people today, therefore "Kvevri" is in such a market that it should have its own wine.

   "Qvevri" aims to export and their main goal is to show people a real, valuable sample of wine.

    In the restaurant, you will find modern Georgian dishes, which are completely different from the dishes of other restaurants. "Qvevri" restaurant has a new chef, and there are also foreign chefs here, which is quite reflected in the dishes.

    "Qvevri" restaurant offers customers not only delicious food and a beautiful atmosphere, but they can also plan a desired event, for which all obligations, such as photography, decoration, and music, are taken over by the restaurant. In all this, they are supported by a large and friendly staff.

    The restaurant also has a sommelier. "Qvevri" is moving to the stage where the wine is tested in a laboratory and soon the restaurant is going to announce its own wine brand.

     As the name suggests, almost every detail feels like a pitcher. The focus is mainly on the pitcher. It is also worth noting that the restaurant has VIP zones and a wonderful, cozy outdoor space.

    The band "Iberia" sings in the restaurant, which brightens up every evening. Here you will meet the Georgian-modern style environment, which is saturated with old, cultural touches. All this can be felt in the dishes, as well as in the music and environment.

   It should be noted that the "Qvevri" restaurant has its own “Tone”, where you can attend a master class on making shoti bread.

    You will soon find new "Qvevri" restaurant branches in Batumi and Dubai!

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