Welcome to Tusheti, a mesmerizing tourist destination in Georgia where pristine nature, captivating architecture, historical landmarks, unique customs, delectable cuisine, and a kaleidoscope of colors await your discovery.

Nestled on the southern slopes of the majestic Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti spans from 1900 to 4490 meters above sea level. Its history dates back centuries, as it served as a guardian of Georgia’s northeastern border against adversaries, a responsibility courageously upheld by the resilient Tush people to this day.

Witness the marvel of Tushetian towers skillfully crafted from slate stone, showcasing their ancient origins. Some of these towers have revealed cast iron animal figures dating back to the IV-V centuries.

Tusheti’s natural beauty is revered and protected, designated as a Protected Landscape by Georgia. Alpine meadows, birch and pine forests grace this region, with vast stretches untouched by human hands. Remarkably, pine trees flourish as high as 2650 meters, a rare occurrence in the Caucasus. The area boasts 32,000 hectares of forests, housing around 230 plant varieties that are exclusive to the Caucasus.

Flowing through Tusheti are two rivers, Gometsari Alazani and Pirikita Alazani, along with their tributaries, teeming with trout. Additionally, glacial lakes adorn the subalpine zone, and the region is blessed with numerous mineral springs.

Tusheti’s wildlife includes foxes, wolves, black bears, lynxes, roe deer, chamois, wild goats, and West Caucasian turs roaming the forests. Rumors tell of the presence of ibex and the Central Asian leopard within the mountains. The skies above host gyps, bearded vultures, mountain eagles, and the swift peregrine falcon.

For adventurous travelers, Tusheti offers breathtaking trails through misty valleys like Chaghma, Pirikita Alazani, and Gometsari, adorned with scattered houses and fortress-towers that resemble exquisite paintings.

Embark on a Tushetian adventure, commencing from the Stori river valley. Navigate the picturesque Abano Pass, a challenging 72-kilometer route cutting through rocks and mountains, reaching an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. This pass opens from late May to September and remains closed during other months, except for helicopter access due to heavy snowfall.

Omalo village, the heart of Tusheti, welcomes you with its enchanting charm and inclusion in UNESCO’s tentative World Heritage list. Explore the Keselo fortress as you start your journey into Tusheti.

Discover the open-air museum of Dartlo village, exuding an aura of mystery with its traditional Tushetian buildings and slate-stacked houses featuring balconies. Dartlo is renowned for having a female judge in the 18th century, a rarity for the region.

Fascinating Tushetian architecture also graces Shenako and Diklo villages. Bochorna village sits at a remarkable altitude of 2345 meters, among Europe’s highest settlements.

Due to its manageable size, Tusheti can be explored on foot or horseback in a 5-6 day trip. The intelligent Tushetian horse, one of the oldest breeds in the Caucasus, accompanies your journey, alongside the loyal Georgian shepherd dog, a herdsman’s trusted friend.

Embrace the warmth of Tushetian hospitality as you stay in family-run guesthouses or tents. The Visitor Centre of the Tusheti Protected Areas stands ready to provide valuable tips and information about other tourist services in the region.

Indulge in the unique flavors of Tushetian cuisine, distinct from other Georgian regions. Savor Tushetian khinkali, prepared with dagger-cut meat, and relish Tushetian sheep cheese, known as “Guda cheese.” Treat yourself to Kotori, a special khachapuri, and taste Aludi, a low-alcohol drink brewed from barley malt, served during local festivities. Don’t miss Khavitsi, a delightful fondue-like dish made of ghee and tender curds, and savor the aromatic herbal tea brewed from savory (kondari). Vegetable dishes abound, showcasing the diversity of Tushetian fare.

Take home cherished Tushetian souvenirs crafted by skilled artisans, including intricate weavings dyed with natural colors and adorned with Tush ornaments. Discover felt hats, bags, and dolls made with care by local craftspeople.

 Embrace the invitation to Tusheti, an unspoiled oasis where unforgettable adventures await you, and experience the wonders of this remarkable destination

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