Conquering the world during a game of Risk, scratching your head over a game of chess, laughing with friends during Cards Against Humanity, racing through magical kingdoms and building empires. Tsibakha Game Club is a paradise for board game lovers. With over 100 games ranging from The Resistance to Aggravation and Monopoly to Catan, you are sure to find hours of entertainment here.

Located in the courtyard at Fabrika, Tsibakha Game Club is the perfect place to begin your evening with friends before heading to one of the neighboring bars or restaurants. Although, you may end up dueling long into the night at Tsibakha. The beer on tap costs just 3 Lari and they serve bar food such as sandwiches. During the week, the price per player is 10 Lari. Student discounts and multi visit passes are available.

Additional Info


8 E. Ninoshvili, Tbilisi


(+995) 599 93 38 75


4 PM – 1 AM