Right in the heart of Old Tbilisi, at 6, Rkinis Rigi Street, you’ll find the Wine Restaurant Tiflis Meidani, situated on a spot where, centuries ago, merchants arriving from Europe and Asia traded goods brought along the Silk Road; and where caravans  arriving from north and south met, leading to a blend of European and Asian cultures, traditions and history. It was here, on Meidani Square, that the city felt richest and most vibrant, considered one of the ancient business centers as early as the IV–V centuries.

The building of Tiflis Mediani Wine Restaurant itself is deeply rooted in the history of the capital city as it was its main protective fortress.

Tiflis Meidani Wine Restaurant today offers a unique atmosphere to drink and dine in. Rediscovered in 2003, as the territory was completely buried underground, many of the exponents revealed the initial function of the area. XIX century coins were found displaying the old Tbilisi fortress united with a crown on one side, later used as inspiration for the concept of the rebranded Tiflis Meidani Wine Restaurant: a crossroads of Europe and Asia, a blend of old Tiflis and modern Tbilisi, with its unforgettable hospitality, Georgian folk dance, live music and, above all, rich diversity of authentic Georgian cuisine.

“Tiflis Meidani” seasonal menu brings all the exotic flavors of authentic Georgian cuisine developed on the crossroad of Asia and Europe. The freshest bio or village products are specially supplied for the guest’s true Georgian gastronomic delight and a sensory experience with its spicy peculiarities that characterize different regions of Georgia. Dishes that were specifically created by the brand chef will make you rediscover the essence of Georgian “Supra”. The best selection of traditional food and several interesting fusion of our brand-chef is the best with the Georgian wine. Diverse assortment of Georgian dishes, will surely suit the tastes of anyone willing to take a gastronomical adventure, paired with wide range of Georgian wines from local wine companies as well as organic wines from the small wine cellars!

The welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant will take you back to the past to experience true Georgian hospitality with an exotic ambiance, distinctive choice of incredibly delicious Georgian dishes, exclusive selection of wine and the program of Georgian song performances (every day, from 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM) and folk dance shows (from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM).

Hospitality? Only Sincere and Genuine!

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6 Rkinis Rigi Str.,



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