After a long day carving down white-dusted mountains and winding through alpine evergreen trees, a hearty meal is the best thing in the world. When you step off the snow-trodden road into the warmth of Taverna Mari in Bakuriani, Georgia’s second biggest ski resort, you will be welcomed openly by the friendly owner. This cozy restaurant is built in the style of an authentic mountain chalet with wooden cladding and animal skins pinned to the walls.

As soon as you are seated, expect a shot of the ‘elixir of life’, also known as a fiery shot of chacha drunk from a traditional horn. The food and wine at Taverna Mari is delicious. Spits of meat roast on the open fire, the khachapuri is moist and crispy, and the stews are perfect to regain strength ready for a long day of skiing the next day.

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(+995) 599 51 28 14


12 PM - 12 AM