RoomBox – A Unique Two-Room Hotel in Kiketi Forest

RoomBox, a renowned company, recently completed an exceptional project in the picturesque Kiketi forest—a two-room hotel that defies expectations. The client’s main requirement was to create a unique experience, deviating from the standard hotel setup. To fulfill this vision, RoomBox added a 6 m2 iron construction to each container, resulting in a spacious total area of 66 m2 for the two-room hotel. The project consists of two 33 m2 rooms and two inviting open terraces.

Constructing the hotel in the remote forest presented its own set of challenges. Typically, RoomBox prepares the structures at their facility before moving them to the desired location. However, in this case, the project had to be completed on-site, regardless of the terrain’s complexities. Despite the unexpected circumstances and inclement weather, RoomBox persevered and achieved outstanding results.

The construction of the project took five months, allowing for the creation of two hotel-style spaces, two private bathrooms, and serene outdoor terraces. The design is elegant yet straightforward, with one room featuring a common area furnished with a comfortable sofa and a small table—everything needed for a pleasant stay.

Notably, RoomBox prioritizes environmentally friendly practices and materials. The model of the project was constructed using high-quality polyurethane spray foam for insulation, known for its efficient heat treatment properties. This material, commonly used in Scandinavian schools, kindergartens, and medical facilities, attests to its eco-friendliness. The surface treatment of the refrigerator further emphasizes the product’s ecological integrity. This attention to quality ensures that the structure remains comfortable and suitable for all seasons.

Regarding the interior finishes, RoomBox employed birch plywood—a sustainable and environmentally friendly material—for the walls and ceilings. The furniture also features this material, protected by a water-based varnish. The flooring is made of eco-friendly and durable vinyl, while the doors and windows of the iron marine container are crafted from aluminum. The module is illuminated by LED lights, and the water supply system utilizes plastic pipes.

Creating a cozy, tranquil atmosphere with warm colors was an essential aspect of the design. The space offers complete comfort with built-in appliances, an air conditioner, a recuperator for fresh air, and a central gas boiler for heating. The showers are fully equipped, ensuring a luxurious bathing experience. Additionally, the outdoor terrace provides a charming area with outdoor furniture, perfect for enjoying the surroundings.

The RoomBox representative emphasized that the project successfully creates a cozy and pleasant environment that allows guests to relax comfortably. Furthermore, the design highlights individuality, transforming the object into a truly unique space.

RoomBox’s approach always focuses on preserving individuality and crafting each project from scratch. This dedication guarantees homes that provide both coziness and a modern aesthetic. Reflecting the spirit of our time, RoomBox values the proximity to nature and the environment, striving to create spaces where harmony is achieved. Their projects ' main features are a comfortable life and rejuvenating rest in captivating surroundings.

By Mariam Grkhelashvili

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