Planta is a vegetable aggregator and supplier company that selects the best produce from all over Georgia and packages it for sale in local grocery stores in Tbilisi. 

Look for their cute green and yellow leaf logo on produce that is sure to be fresh, local and conveniently pre-packaged for lazy chefs, people without much time to shop and cook, and those of us who have trouble with portion sizes! 

Their produce is available at the following grocery stories: Goodwill (Dighomi, Saburtalo, Vake), Carrefour (Tbilisi Mall, East Point, Vake, Saburtalo, GTC, Isani, Gldani, Karvasla, Vazisubani), Fresco (Saburtalo, Ortachala, Isani, Sanzona), AgroHub, Nikora XL, and Zghapari (Jikia).

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(+995) 0322 20 01 90