The well-known Georgian brand Paraiso, a manufacturer of high-quality uniforms, is one of the leaders in this line in Georgia. The company plans to expand soon due to high demand. Currently, “Paraiso” sews 300,000 uniforms annually.

The co-founder of the company, Teona Feradze, told Business Insider Georgia that the most successful period for the brand after the pandemic was 2022, and it is not losing its relevance even now.

“Our sewing was created before the pandemic and soon attracted attention. We made the main emphasis on quality, we chose this path and we follow it to this day, which helped us gain trust. During the pandemic period, as for all businesses, there were some difficulties, but we overcame them. The demand has gradually increased, and today there are many people who are regular customers of “Paraiso”. The tailor works on individual orders as well, although the main direction is the production of uniforms, for which the demand is increasing year by year. In this regard, the year 2022 was particularly notable, when compared to the previous year, the demand almost doubled. ”

According to the co-founder, due to the high demand and active pace, expansion is planned soon, and they are also thinking of exporting the product in the future.

“We are maintaining an active pace to this day. Due to the high demand, we are going to expand by the end of the year, and the future plan includes export, where we will probably choose Europe.”

Company was founded in 2016 by Tamta Furtukhia and Teona Feradze. In addition to uniforms, the brand also offers a wide selection of colorful collections, casual dresses and classic clothing.

By Mariam Gorkhelashvili

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