While wandering along Agmashenebeli Avenue, keep your eye open for something special in Georgia-Georgian traditional clothing! You might have seen and heard a lot about Georgian costumes, but have you ever tried anything on? Now's your chance! Georgian national costume dates back to the 12th century and even now is one of the best in the world.

National Clothing House, founded in 2013, offers an exhibition, photo shooting and if you want to keep a Georgian traditional Chokha (menswear) or Sadiatso (womenswear) in your wardrobe, they will design one just for you for a reasonable price.  

The house produces not only costumes but also accessories and ornamentation seen as essential parts of Georgian clothing. The designs are inspired by the medieval era. Heard of Shota Rustaveli and his poem, 'The Knight in the Panther’s Skin'? Head along to National Clothing House to see the pieces of clothing described within the book!

The House recently started a project with the Music and Drama Theater: they perform a play about a tourist in Georgia and the characters in the play wear clothing from the National Clothing House.

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Exhibition: Agmashenebeli 95

Shop: Agmashenebeli 13



(+995) 322 92 49 44


Mon-Sat- 10AM - 6PM