Ascending the Heights of Mount Kazbek

The jagged white and black tooth of Mount Kazbek looms to the west of Stepantsminda village. Standing at 5,047 meters, it is Georgia’s third highest peak, and the seventh highest mountain in the Caucasus. The mountain lies on the edge of the Borjomi-Kazbegi fault line, within the Kazbegi nature reserve. 135km of its snow-dusted surface is covered with icy glaciers. Indeed, its name in Georgian – Mqinvartsveri – means ‘Glacier Peak’ or ‘Freezing Cold Peak’. Gergeti glacier, the most well known glacier, is reachable within a one-day hike of Stepantsminda.

Mount Kazbek draws climbers from around the world to its lofty heights. Although physically demanding, the climb is relatively simple and involves only 100 meters of ice climbing to reach the summit. Despite the ease of the route, it is advised to summit with a guide. Those who are willing to take on the mountain are rewarded with breathtaking views of the legendary Caucasus mountains.

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