Janelidze is a handbag manufacturing brand launched in 2017.

“It was not by chance that my choice fell on creating bags. After all, when it comes to creating a personal style, a bag becomes a vital element of the wardrobe. A bag is an accessory that can elegantly accentuate both one’s mood and individuality. I wanted to create bags that would attract the eyes of others, thereby complimenting its owner. In my work, I decided to merge skin of different textures and colors, and wood, which is a natural material. The color palette hints to nature itself,” says the founder and designer of the brand, Natalia Janelidze.

“Each bag is sewn by hand and in a single copy. We repeat the model only to order. And whether you already have a Janelidze bag or are going to purchase one, you can be sure that you will never meet your girlfriend at a party holding the same bag as you.”

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