Hotel Wine Palace - A Wine Lover’s Paradise in Georgia

Hotel Wine Palace, a one-of-a-kind destination for wine enthusiasts, opened its doors in 2017. Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, this unique hotel is entirely dedicated to the theme of wine. The walls are adorned with captivating paintings created by artists associated with Zurab Tsereteli, beautifully showcasing the essence of wine culture. With 33 exquisite rooms and a remarkable rating of 9.5 on, Hotel Wine Palace promises an unforgettable experience for its guests. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the wine-infused world of this enchanting hotel.

From the moment guests step into Hotel Wine Palace, they are immersed in a wine-themed ambiance that sets it apart from ordinary hotels. The carefully curated paintings by Zurab Tsereteli’s artists depict the allure of wine, elevating the hotel’s decor to an artistic masterpiece. Each room offers a unique wine-inspired experience, combining comfort with the allure of Georgia’s rich winemaking heritage. The tastefully designed spaces create a sense of tranquility, making it a perfect retreat for wine connoisseurs and travelers alike.

Hotel Wine Palace goes beyond being a luxurious stay; it offers a plethora of experiences for its guests. The hotel’s guides are always at hand to organize tours, enabling visitors to explore the wonders of Georgia. Whether it’s the breathtaking landscapes or historic wine cellars, these tours offer a profound insight into the region’s wine culture. Additionally, the hotel hosts regular wine tastings where guests can sample a wide array of wines, including their very own vintages from the vineyards in Khashmi, Kakheti.

The hotel’s uniqueness extends to owning its vineyards in the picturesque region of Kakheti. Blessed with fertile soil and an ideal climate, these vineyards produce an exquisite selection of wines, including Rkatsiteli, Aladasturi, Tavkveri, Saperavi, and more. Guests can witness the winemaking process up close. This direct connection to the vineyards adds an unparalleled dimension to the hotel’s offerings and enriches the overall wine experience for guests.

As Giorgi Chkhaidze, the owner of the hotel, tells us, at Hotel Wine Palace, the delights of Georgia’s wine culture extend beyond tastings and tours. Guests can also partake in captivating Georgian chef masterclasses, where skilled local chefs reveal the secrets behind traditional dishes. Through hands-on experiences, visitors learn to prepare iconic Georgian delicacies, such as khachapuri and khinkali. These immersive culinary sessions add a flavorful dimension to the already enchanting wine-themed stay, ensuring guests leave with cherished memories and newfound appreciation for Georgia’s rich cultural heritage. Beyond the hotel, the company behind Hotel Wine Palace operates its own wine shop, aptly named “Brand Wine.” This brand allows visitors to take a piece of Georgia’s wine culture back home with them. The shop offers a wide selection of wines, including exclusive varieties produced at their vineyards. With expert advice from knowledgeable staff, guests can choose the perfect bottle to complement their memories of Hotel Wine Palace.

As Hotel Wine Palace continues to delight its guests, exciting future plans are in store. The upcoming chateau in Kakheti promises to elevate the wine experience to new heights. For wine enthusiasts and travelers seeking an enchanting blend of culture, hospitality, and wine, Hotel Wine Palace remains an irresistible destination in Georgia.

#31 Bidzina Kvernadze St., Tbilisi, Georgia

+995 32 233 88 08

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