Henka’s Kombucha

Henka’s “Kombucha” is a fermented tea made from natural ingredients. The company producing healthy drinks first appeared on the market two years ago and is gradually becoming a better-known and marketable product, which is confirmed by the growth figures of the company’s production.

“Today, the company produces 25,000 bottles per month, while in 2021, the monthly production was around 3,000 bottles. Accordingly, we decided to expand the enterprise,” Zura Kapanadze, co-founder of the company, told Business Insider Georgia.

The area for the new enterprise has already been selected and construction works are to start soon.

“We have already purchased land in the Natakhtari area, the total amount of investment is $600-700 thousand. Now we are waiting for the permission for the construction of the enterprise and we will start the construction works in about a week.”

The opening of the enterprise coincided with the new flavors of “Kombucha” which will be offered to customers soon.

“By the end of the year, we will start producing “Hardcom Bucha”, which is kombucha that contains alcohol. Regarding the existing flavors, we have 6 flavors of kombucha, 2 alcoholic flavors, and 2 children’s: chocolate and strawberry.”

We remind you that Henka’s “Kombucha” does not contain preservatives, concentrates, or flavorings. It is a 100% natural, healthy, natural and probiotic-rich drink.

By Mariam Gorkhelashvili

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