Cozy terrace with forged furniture outside, carpets, stained-glass lamps and endless shelves full of artisan wines inside pull you into take a seat and sample a glass or two. G.Vino is that kind of wine bar that is not cheap according to local standards, but serves its guests at the highest level with genuine sincerity.

Artisan wines are paired with bread and pates, with fantastic cheeses from all around the country, as well as honey and fruits. There are more main dishes on the menu, but the majority of guests go to g.Vino to sample rare wines and enjoy the atmosphere of the little pedestrian street. Locals, expats, travelers… everyone is there rushing along or strolling in search of something interesting and special.

And if you watch them from one of the tables, be sure that you have found that interesting and special thing - in your glass!

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6 Erekle II Str., Tbilisi


0322 93 21 21





13:00 - 01:00