The painted windows of a well-aged brick house at the corner overlook the lush green trees in the park, and as soon as you enter the house by the old stairs, you’ll feel like you’rehome. FanFan is another brilliant example of the vintage living-room style so characteristic for Georgian cafes.

Our favorite time in this café is late morning, when there are not many people and it’s possible to have a big cappuccino and thumb through a magazine in peace and serenity.

In the evening, though, the face of FanFan changes: more guests flock inside to have a drink or enjoy the seafood or pasta and exchange the last gossip. Soft waves of whisper, bursts of laughter, and the clinking of glasses filling the air, and the sea breathes 200 metres away.

FanFan is one of the best places in Batumi for a romantic date and to share a glass of wine or a cocktail with your love done.

Additional Info


7 Ninoshvili Str., Batumi


555 86 37 37


11:00 - 01:00