Tbilisi. A city that is ever-changing in terms of nightlife. You have to stay alert to keep up with it all- every week, it seems new ‘it’ places are opening up in previously desolate parts of town- much like the trend in New York and London.

Tbilisi’s social elite are nowadays to be seen heading away from the city’s famous Shardeni Street to different parts of town. Across the river, not far from Marjinishvili, is Fabrika. The concept of the name is quite simple: it used to be a factory. Go figure. Yet, the transformation is nothing short of genius. A town within a town, Fabrika is a complex hosting restaurants, bars, a hotel and even a games arcade. Many events are held here, including the Tbilisi Photo Festival, last held in September. Friday and Saturday nights are packed with party-goers and groups of people catching up over a cocktail.  

Fabrika is as popular with the local ex-pat community as tourists and especially backpackers. This article would feel out of place in one category alone – Go, Eat, Drink, and Buy, all under one ‘roof’!

Not to be missed – check it out!

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Ninoshvili Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 322 02 03 99