Owned by celebrity chef TekunaGachechiladze, Culinarium was originally a cookery school that only opened as a restaurant twice a week. Due to its popularity, this ratio has now been reversed, with the restaurant now only offering cooking classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. TekunaGachechiladzeendeav- oured to make the restaurant as homely and cosy as possible, and the interior design is a testament to her intent. Chefs open the fridge sat near the large communal table, and diners can watch the cooks at work in the corner of the room. The casual nature of the establishment does not guarantee professional waiting service, however; indeed, on arrival it is difficult to knowwho is actually a member of the waiting staff. This is a true gourmet restau- rant, serving food of a high standard with creativity which is unmatched elsewhere. Blends of Georgian and European cuisine are served Wednesday through Saturday, while Sunday is reserved for an unmissable Asian brunch or dinner. However, with gourmet quality comes gourmet prices, and those hoping for large portions should better look elsewhere.
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1 Lermontov Str.


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