You'll find family-friendly restaurant Zala intentionally placed in the top tourist zone of the old, historical district of Tbilisi. The hosts welcome each guest personally and open their hearts to all. If you want to see a true example of that famed Georgian hospitality, then Zala is the best spot to try.

The owners have done everything just right: calm lighting, a well decked-out interior and extra-friendly staff.

Enjoy the Zala menu and special offers they are best-known for: Georgian dishes and Georgian fusion with numerous dressings available for each. The owner believes that Georgian dishes require delicacy and special treatment and this is reflected in their menu, which guarantees all fresh products. The menu changes seasonally and most products are locally produced. 

Zala is new to the market but is growing in popularity. Their Avocado Salad with Citrus Dressing was even mentioned  in the Wall Street Journal! 

Where.ge recommends you try Zala’s Burger with Saperavi sauce, an inspiring flavor combination to say the least! Along with main dishes you'll discover diverse aromas introduced by their Georgian Culinary Academy graduate cooks.


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24 Tamar Chovelidze Str, 



(+995) 599710808