Located in the cozy painted wooden yard of a newly-renovated 19th century house, this small restaurant makes an ideal place to sit and enjoy some delightful and lovingly prepared Georgian dishes, a glass of wine, or even to sip on a saperavi tea or coffee while you catch up on some work.

The restaurant is divided into three sections- outside in the open and brightly-colored yard, the porch area, and inside under a patchwork fabric and low wooden ceiling, surrounded by bottles, embroidery, knick-knacks and painted details that reminisce of old Georgia. Each interior area is decorated in pastel tones and is well-lit with natural light.

Popular with tourists already, get in their quick before this restaurant really grabs the spotlight, which it is undoubtedly soon to do!

Additional Info


Corner of L. Asatiani and 

Dadiani streets


(+995) 571 02 65 02



12 PM - 12 AM