Cafe-bar Enguri Commits Annual Funds to Support Ushguli Village

Cafe-bar Enguri, located in the heart of Ushguli and operating since 2014, has made a commendable commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the village in Svaneti. According to a recent statement from Cafe-bar Enguri, they have pledged to allocate 3000 GEL every year towards solving the issues faced by the local community in Ushguli.

The cafe-bar recognizes the significant challenges the village is currently experiencing, and they aim to make a modest contribution for the benefit of the community. In a heartwarming gesture of support, they have decided to transfer 1000 GEL to Mose Khachvani, a young boy who tragically lost his father last year. This financial assistance aims to help Mose and his family navigate the emotional and practical challenges they now face.

“As a sign of our support, 1000 GEL will be transferred to little Mose Khachvani, who lost his father this year and, together with his family, found himself face-to-face with life’s difficulties, which are so numerous in front of us,” they said in a statement on Facebook.

Cafe-bar Enguri plans to provide detailed information about the allocation and purpose of the funds soon.

 This initiative demonstrates Cafe-bar Enguri’s deep involvement in the well-being of Ushguli. By dedicating a portion of their resources to address the village’s problems, they exemplify their commitment to supporting the community they serve. Since its establishment in 2014, Cafe-bar Enguri has become an integral part of Ushguli, providing a central gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

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