Probably the coolest wine bar in Batumi, it’s owned and managed by young Georgian wine enthusiast Beka Minadze and his family. BQ is full of treasures, secrets and the keys to them: start your adventure by finding the steps leading to a little door in a cellar on the crossroad of Gorgiladze and 26 May streets, go down and get lost in stories and glasses of something delicious, something experimental and something indescribable.

The owner stores Qvevri clay vessels with his own wine in one of the rooms; in another room with carpets and paintings on the walls there is space for a larger group of guests, and the main room is dominated by the bar, where the main treasures are being kept.

Of course, there is a certain list of private wineries that work with such wine bars. But occasionally, Beka gets some experimental samples in from a lesser-known winemaker from Western Georgia, and if you happen to be in the bar at that moment, you might be lucky enough to get to taste it. Georgian spontaneity at its best!

The signature meat set and cheese set are very big and go with those artisan wines very well.

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18 Gorgiladze Str., Batumi




13:00 - 01:00