The traditional blue Georgian tablecloth is one of the most unique and classic souvenirs of the country. Since the beginning of the decade, the ancient production techniques have been revived, and there are now several shops where you can find yourself one as a great souvenir! While traditionally a rich blue color, now the tablecloths come in a variety of colors and design patterns. 

The oldest original samples date back to the late 17th century- cotton tablecloths painted in various hues of blue and used as dowry and for ritual and celebratory purposes by all social classes. In the eighteenth century, artisans began creating printed textiles using woodblocks with decorative engravings- ornamental motifs symbolic of the Georgian culture, such as plants, animals, knives, forks, Eastern elements, garlands, and patterns.

The company Blue Tabla offers these traditional tablecloths, selling primarily online but they also have a storefront in the Galleria mall on Rustaveli Ave. They offer international shipping - free on purchases over $100. The tablecloths are all made in Georgia according to traditional designs.

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2/4 Rustaveli Ave., Tbilisi