“Bazhe” Kitchen in Expanding to Serve Customers On-Site

“Bazhe” Kitchen has announced its plans for expansion and the opening of a new facility to serve customers with their outstanding dishes on the spot. Currently, the restaurant operates through an online delivery service to meet the high demand from its growing customer base. However, in response to this continuous growth, “Bazhe” has decided to establish a physical presence that will enhance the dining experience for their loyal patrons.

Mariam Shakarishvili, the company manager, recently shared the news with Business Insider Georgia. With two years of operation under its belt, “Bazhe” has established itself as a remarkable Magrelian cuisine restaurant, renowned for its diverse flavors. The company’s clientele has been expanding rapidly, paving the way for steady development and prompting the need for a dedicated space. Mariam expressed her enthusiasm for the increasing number of locals and tourists in the capital who have grown fond of “Bazhe” dishes.

The demand for their culinary creations is particularly high during lunch and dinner hours, demonstrating the active interest of customers. To meet this demand effectively, “Bazhe” is investing in the establishment of a physical location. Construction work has already commenced, and by the end of the year, customers will have the opportunity to savor the restaurant’s unique Magrelian flavors directly on-site.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of “Bazhe” is its commitment to preserving traditional family recipes. A skilled Abkhaz cook oversees the preparation of their diverse range of dishes, ensuring an authentic Magrelian dining experience. “Bazhe” will continue to adhere to this concept in the future, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy the distinctive flavors of  within their own premises.

Notably, “Bazhe” takes pride in utilizing natural Georgian raw materials in the production of their products. Currently employing five individuals, the company plans to expand its workforce as the new project takes shape, providing more employment opportunities.

The expansion of “Bazhe” Kitchen represents an exciting chapter in the restaurant’s journey. With a solid reputation for delivering outstanding Magrelian cuisine through their online delivery service, the establishment’s decision to create a physical space demonstrates their commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience. By upholding their tradition of using authentic recipes and locally sourced ingredients, “Bazhe” aims to continue delighting their customers with the unique flavors for years to come.

Currently, you can order “Bazhe” products from Bolt Food, Wolt and Glovo.

By Mariam Gorkhelashvili

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