Badagoni is a famous local wine brand founded in 2006. The company uses advanced technologies and the help of prominent enologists to produce high-quality products which include wine, sparkling wine and chacha. Even though Badagoni follows unique traditions of Georgian winemaking, they also offer wines produced with the European winemaking method. All products are made from Georgian grape varieties.

Badagoni offers the following wine-selection:

Red: Alaverdi Tradition; Saperavi Reserve 2010; Kakhetian Noble; Mukuzani; Saperavi; Pirosmani; Khvanchkara; Akhasheni; Kindzmarauli; Alazani Valley

White: Alaverdi Tradition; Tsinandali; Kakhetian Noble; Manavi; Kisi; Pirosmani; Tvishi; Alazani Valley

Rose: Saperavi Rose

GAU#5: White One; White Two; Rose Three; Red Four; Red Five

Sparkling Wines: 

  • Badagoni: Badagoni Brut; Badagoni Rose
  • Maestro: Maestro Brut; Maestro Semi-Dry; Maestro Rose; Maestro Semi-Sweet; Maestro Saperavi

Chacha: Chacha Classic; Chacha Original.

One of the most special wines is “Alaverdi Tradition,” which is made in the Alaverdi monastery wine cellar built in the 9th century and restored with the support of Badagoni in 2006.

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4 Liberty Sq., Tbilisi


(+995) 032 2936243