A Local Retreat in Old Town

The dimly lit neon glow of Atoneli Bar casts puddles of light on the crumbling sidewalk of Ivane Machabeli Street in the heart of Tbilisi’s old town. Inside, groups of Georgians sit talking enthusiastically about politics and Georgia’s future and past, playing cards, and watching the day’s football match on their phones. Atoneli Bar brings together different types of Tbilisians under one roof with one purpose - to spend an enjoyable evening relaxing together.

Atoneli Bar has very good value drinks, especially considering its location in the center of Tbilisi’s tourist district. Beer on tap is 3 GEL, whilst cognac, served in small jugs, costs 5 GEL. The bar staff and regulars are friendly and welcoming, and they also allow dogs. As all the cognac has been toasted and the evening in Atoneli Bar draws to an end, merry customers spill into the street, smoking cigarettes and moving on to the next location of the night.

Additional Info


9 Machabeli St., Tbilisi


(+995) 593 11 10 56


4 PM - Late