If the growl of a powerful engine, leather jackets, and the feeling of freedom as you ride are just your thing, we’ve found a bar for you. 12 Riders Bar in Sololaki, Tbilisi, welcomes bike lovers for a drink. More than just a bar, 12 Riders Bar is a community. It’s a place where friendly faces come together and share their passion for their two-wheel beauties.

12 Riders Bar puts on plenty of events to keep you entertained. They host regular English-speaking comedy nights, as well as live music and their infamous beer pong. The cavernous interior with brick walls is the perfect setting for enjoying a cold Argo beer after a long day. They also serve excellent cocktails and bar food. 

Bring yourself, grab a beer, and get ready to rock and roll.

Additional Info


12 Leonidze St., Tbilisi


6 PM - 1 AM