By Beqa Kirtava

According to legend, one day King George III went hunting with his companions and brought his little daughter, Tamar (soon-to-be King (Queen) Tamar) along with him on the road. Once the field sport activities st...

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On September 14, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia, officially opened the 'Georgia- Cradle of Wine' exhibition at 'La Cité du Vin', the Center of Wine Civilization in Bordeaux, France. Other Georgian government offic...

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From a blog by Tatiana Remneva

Arriving in Tbilisi for just a couple of days, guests rarely get a chance to go beyond the borders of the ancient fortress and the districts around Rustaveli Avenue. However, this does not mean th...

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It’s that time of year when the chill creeps into the air and the leaves turn brown, yellow, red and purple. It’s time for enjoying the harvest: picking grapes, making chacha and churchkhelas (nuts coated in grape jelly), and rela...

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An exhibition of the works of famous Hungarian painter and illustrator of Shota Rustaveli’s epic poem 'Knight in the Panther's Skin' are being showcased at the Art Palace museum in Tbilisi (6 Kargareteli Str.).

Six of the artis...

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The State Silk Museum is to host the personal exhibition of Georgian artist Nino Chubinishvili (CHUBIKA) entitled ‘5th Room’ on Dcember 15, opening at 7PM.

Nino Chubinishvili’s 5th Room project exposition was especially prepare...

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Check out Where.ge's choice of the top must-see exhibitions over the next month. You'll be spoiled for choice!



Address: 3 Shota Rustaveli Ave.

TEL: +995 ...

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“Entrance at the back”, promulgates a small sign at the pompous doorway of a gallery, situated at the grand avenue leading to Tbilisi’s old town. The entrance and its corresponding building are nestled in between other belle art c...

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“Discommunication” is a bizarre concept in a city, where thousands of people live in close vicinity. The opportunities to talk to friends and strangers alike are multi-fold, but, paradoxically, cities spur the feeling of lonelines...

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Swiss artist Therese Weber blends paper art, drawing and photography to create an "impressive, innovative and pictorial language." Her influence comes from travels in the Far East, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Caucasus.

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The cylinder-shaped tubes call to mind the pastry bags for a cake icing, yet enormous in size. Around 50 centimeters in height, a dispenser holds up 3-4 tubes at the same time, whilst their colors force guests to stare at them in ...

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A land of white mountains, green forests, and blue lakes, Georgia enchants tourists and locals alike. For thousands of years, it is the cradle of winemaking and provides one of the best wines in the world. The country can look bac...

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