The popularity of extreme attractions is increasing daily in Georgia, in turn boosting the desire for adrenaline among a greater number of individuals.

Zip-Line is one of the most popular of extreme attractions, and it is also available in Tbilisi. A zip-line is a steel cable stretched between two points, with a moving roller fixed on it to move users from base to base.

In Tbilisi, this fun activity is offered by Zipin Tbilisi. Launched on the Narikala plateau in 2017, it is available year-round from 11:00 to 21:00 daily. The cable is 275 meters long and 30 meters high. The territory adjacent to the upper cable car of Narikala is the starting point, and the trip down ends in the Botanical Garden.

Zipin Tbilisi was launched as a result of active Ukrainian support. Ensuring the highest safety norms is a priority for the founders of the service. The cables are made of the highest technologies and are able to take up to 20 tons of pressure. Users are seated in a safe holster system, and wear helmets for additional safety.

“Zip-Line is an attraction everyone has to try at least once in their lifetime,” the company states. “It enables the users to feel free, feel that adrenaline rush and enjoy the incredible landscapes while flying over the Botanical Garden. This is a breathtaking experience with the highest safety norms, a fact guaranteed by our professional and highly qualified instructors. Our team aspires to make Georgia, which has few such attractions, a country of extreme sports. We spare no effort to contribute to this growing trend and aim to make our country more vibrant and active.”

At this stage, the bulk of the users of the Tbilisi zip-line are foreigner tourists, though a special club has been launched to encourage Georgian clientele with Georgian ID cards. Registered users benefit from a 40% discount on the zip-line. Information about club membership is available at

For non-club members, the cost is 40 GEL, which also includes a Botanical Garden ticket and a single flight. There are no age restrictions, though the weight range is set as 25kg minimum and 130kg maximum.

The Zipin Tbilisi team has ambitious plans for further development: “We promise many novelties for the future, which we will reveal step by step. Zipin Tbilisi is developing constantly, which is certainly to be reflected also in our country. Georgia will definitely become a country that let’s everyone fly,” states the team.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

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