Visiting a new restaurant is sometimes a bit scary, as you don’t always know what you’re walking into, but in the case of Wild West, taking the risk pays off.

The Wild West restaurant is something of a museum to America, with a Texan cowboy bar offering numerous drinks and exotic cocktails where you will be served by highly professional bartenders.

The food itself is (just) Georgian, though, so don't go there expecting Buffalo burgers and the like, because you'll be chowing down on khinkali and khachapuri - but that's not so bad!

The rustic-style dining hall is big, with a cozy end near a fireplace, meaning you can entertain large and small parties there.

Definitely worth visiting and enjoying while in Batumi.

Additional Info


87 P. Khalvashi Str., Batumi


(+995) 599 31 70 00


10 AM – 1 AM