Once you are in the country that is officially called Cradle of Wine, staying in a stylish boutique hotel that has a fantastic wine cellar and tasting room makes perfect sense. Situated in a XIX century building, Vinotel blends the historical value with the modern approach to quality and service.

Brick walls, stained glass windows, vintage furniture and chandeliers, traditional carpets, tasteful paintings on the walls make up an exquisite example of classical Georgian style, as we knew it 150 years ago. Each room has massive wooden furniture, elegant couches and queen size beds, and each one is full of little interior details. And can you imagine that the suite in Vinotel is bigger than an average apartment in the city?

Another reason to choose Vinotel is its restaurant and stock of wine. Don’t look for another place, if you are into a fine dinner or a romantic date. You already have it.

Wine curious people can order a special wine tasting – the certified sommelier will give you a tour and a solid introduction to our wine culture.

Additional Info


4 Elene Akhvlediani Ascent, Tbilisi


0322 55 58 88