Valiko's, set in one of Old Tbilisi's best old buildings, is a hidden gem of the bar scene of the city. The carefully curated interior answers to the emerging underground scene, combining the old, classic, and decorative style of the building with paintings and sculptures. Every night, you will encounter interesting and welcoming people who are looking to make new friends; some are fellow travelers, some are locals.

It is run by a South-African and Georgian duo and drinks are priced for the budget traveler. 

I would describe the establishment as a bar with a hostel, not a hostel with a bar. If you find you've had a bit too much to drink, the hostel downstairs has a laid-back, inviting, and friendly atmosphere, too. It is unlike other properties I have stayed at in the city - It's the kind of place you feel relaxed in, where you could stay a while.

Additional Info


24 G. Tabidze Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 593 96 14 54