A popular beach down famous for its black and slightly magnetic sand that allegedly has healing properties, Ureki provides the perfect beach getaway. 60km north of Batumi and about 300 west of Tbilisi, the sandy shores of this town  are a must-see, for even if it doesn’t end up healing you or stealing your loose change, the fact of the matter is that the existence of the sand itself is a rare commodity, as most Georgian beach resorts are made up of crushed stone or gravel. You can get there by railroad, bus, car and, of course, minibus.

If swimming and lounging on the sandy beach doesn’t cut it for you, make sure to check out Kolkheti National Park and Paliastomi Lake; the ruins of the Jikhnajiri fortress in the eponymous village; the historic city of Vashnari; the Church of Chekhedana; Khino Cathedral, one of three Epharchial Centers of Guria; and Konchkati Church and Castle.

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