A small lake just outside Tbilisi, Turtle Lake is a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life. During the summer months, locals flock to the lake’s shore to enjoy games, sports, and relaxation. Situated 687 meters above sea level on Mtatsminda Mount, Turtle Lake is cooler than the city center.

The lake was named Turtle Lake, or Kus Tba in Georgian, after the abundance of turtles supposedly calling the lake home. You can reach it by road or cable car from Vake district. The cable car costs just 1 GEL each way. 

Culture enthusiasts can combine a trip to the lake with a visit to the Open Air Museum of Ethnography situated to the west of the lake. During the summer months, regular concerts and festivals are held by its peaceful waters. Whether you are looking to have fun or relax, Turtle Lake offers a welcome break from life in Tbilisi.

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