Tskhaltubo is a lovely resort town near Kutaisi. It was one of Stalin's favorite summer resorts, famed for its illustrious visitors as well as its mineral rich natural spring waters. 

The area was once home to several large sanatoriums, designed to cure illnesses from tuberculosis to asthma, but now it is mainly popular among tourists who want a peaceful, restorative holiday. 

Tskhaltubo Spa Resort is a 4-star complex with 141 rooms which opened in 2011. The resort is situated on a 16-hectare wooded park, dotted with fountains. It also has a restaurant, bar, club, conference room, and concert hall. In a town famous for water, there is, of course, a large outdoor swimming pool.  


Additional Info


23 Rustaveli Ave., Tskhaltubo


(+995) 599 09 16 10