Tkibuli is a small town in Georgia's central Imereti region. The surrounding area boasts important historical landmarks and natural wonders, including castles, fortresses, and medieval churches. About 45 minutes outside of Kutaisi, it makes for a great day trip! 

The Tkibuli Reservoir is a beautiful spot for a picnic or a dip in the cold mountain water. In the summer months, locals often row across to a small island and camp there. From the reservoir, you can see the Imereti and Khvamli (smoke) mountain ranges. 

The area around Tkibuli is mountainous and forested, holding many secrets. In the fall of 2017, hikers stumbled upon an unmapped canyon with a beautiful waterfall just a few kilometers outside of town. The newly-discovered Dzmuisi Canyon is worth a visit. 

Like the more tourisy Chiatura, Tkibuli is an old Soviet mining town with many kitschy sights still remaining, for Soviet history and culture buffs.

Photo: Visit Kutaisi

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