Great for family and friends to spend a hot summer's day, The Tbilisi Sea Club is located on the lake and offers a more sophisticated experience than joining the crowds on the beach.

Chaise Lounges and parking are free and there are two pools, beaches on pontoons and terraces. They offer a full service of water sports and entertainment. Playgrounds and pools for children are also free.

Here’s what you can do at the club:

Common beach vacation
Lease of beach zones for groups of holidaymakers 

Rent an individual bungalow
Water sliding
Children’s pool

Water skiing
Water skiing (for beginners)
Water balloon or mattress sliding:
Hire a sailboat (KONDRAD-25) for a maximum of 5 people

Hire a sailboat along with an instructor for a maximum of 5 people 

Sailing Lessons (five lessons)
Wind surfing
Hire a bicycle
Underwater diving courses
Fishing equipment rental

Water parachute flights.

Additional Info


(+995) 598 47 60 60