Tbilisi has many sights to offer, both natural and man-made, including more museums than you might think.

One of these is the Tbilisi Auto Museum.

Tbilisi Auto Museum opened in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi at the end of 2014. The owner of the 18-year-old collection is a Georgian collector and businessman Giorgi Mamulashvili, with cars mainly from THE Soviet Union, such as “Zil-115”, “Gaz-014”, “Gaz-22”, “Gaz-12”, “Zhiguli-01”, “Zhiguli-03” and “Zaz-965”. Why soviet cars? This is because back during the Soviet era, people were not allowed to use any other cars, be it a bad thing or a good thing, it’s part of the history, and the Tbilisi Auto Museum knows that.

Tbilisi Auto Museum has a big mission and it is not only the first of its kind in Georgia but in South Caucasus, attracting auto enthusiasts from all over the world.

Part of the major mission is not only to save these cars, but to spread the information and knowledge about them. Specific services are also offered in the museum; you can buy cars and if you already own such a retro car and need some work done, they can also help you with that!

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79 Automuseum Str., Tbilisi

11 AM – 6 PM